10 Different Solutions to Save Two and a Half Men

Escrito por Pablo Peixoto em 28.02.2011

Esse repeteco de post (agora em em inglês) é dedicado à amiga @anamariabahiana e toda a galera da @CBS, GO!

There has been a bunch o buzz about the Charlie Sheen imbroglio with Chuck Lorre, the producer of American TV’s megahit sitcom Two and a Half Men.

Due to Sheen’s poor health (that is, boos, cigarettes, drugs and promiscuous sex), the season finale has been shortened, blasting off a series of gossips and polemic statements from both, which now poses as a threat to the continuation of the show (whose new season has already been confirmed).

As a fan of the show, I will now propose 10 different solutions for the sitcom in case Charlie Sheen is kicked off.

1- The Six of One, Half-dozen of the Other Plan

In order to escape from a furious bookmaker or someone’s husband, Charlie is submitted to plastic surgery and comes back looking like Robert Downey, Jr.

2-The Days of our Lives Plan

Charlie exchanges brains with Doctor Drake Ramoray. Matt leBlanc joins the sitcom.

3- The TV Mogul Plan

Charlie leaves, but a reality TV show star gets more votes and is voted to replace him!

4- The Perfect Strangers Plan

Charlie leaves, but his redneck cousin, Balki, arrives to paint the town red!

5- The Two Men and a Baby Plan

Charlie vanishes and, on the same day, a baby is left on their porch. Now, Alan and Jake are in a pickle since they have to take care of the child  Later on, Charlie appears from behind a curtain.

6- The Fresh Prince of Bel Air Plan

Alan and Jake move to Bel Air and get up to all sorts of mischief with Will Smith (by @Vandunnen).

7- The Alf Plan

A hairy alien takes Charlie’s place and the show gets a new name, “Two and an Alf  Men” (by @taniosacacio).

8- The Galdalf Plan

Charlie Harper dies, but after a while, he comes back as Charlie, the White in “Two and Gandalf Men”.

9- The Mutant Plan

Charlie dies and is replaced by Magneto, who is now a good fella and will lead the “Two and a Half  X-Men

10 – The Plan 9 from Outer Space Plan

Charlie is replaced by a double wearing a cloak.

What about you, have you got any cool ideas to save the show? Send them to contato@perolasparaporcos.com